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Welcome Note, Opening of The Conference

Gabor Fauszt,
Country Manager, CEE Regional Account Manager

IT Security – A Multi Faced Approach
Independent Expert Presentation

Massimiliano Falcinelli,
IT Security Systems Unit Head, International Atomic Energy Agency

2016 has been another year “in-famous” for huge data breaches and big data/money losses. Both financial institutions and IT service providers have faced tremendous issues, to not mention institutions and governments.
The cyberspace is multifaceted and so the cybercrime. Data are spread out, "physical premises" and "physical storage" sound like an old fashion words. Today devops, encrytpion tokens, softare defined networks, cloud APIs togheter with many others are part of our daily vocabulary.
But if the IT world evolved, cybercrime specialists didn't wait on sidelines. Only on memory malwares, the abuse of normal IT equipment operations, the usage of sophisticated encryption methodologies has transformed the way we look (or we must look) at the threats today.
Starting from a practical example Massimiliano Falcinelli will try to talk about all the minimum protections to have today to properly combat against cybercrime.


Evolution of Information Security Priorities
IDC Introductory Presentation

Alex Proskura,
Program Director, Security, IDC CEE

Why there is a need to stop addressing security only in relation to information technology? Why are traditional approaches to business security untenable under current risk conditions? Moving up the know-nothing, know-what, know-how, and know-why pyramid.


How Context Is Key in Preventing Data Breaches

Marton Illes,
Director of Products, BalaBit IT Security

If we want to find out why a breach happened, or assess the damage,we have plenty of time to trawl through logs, look at session recordings,and so on. But if we want to prevent a breach, we have to react with lightning speed.
So what is it that can enable us to react fast enough? In an ideal world computers can make these decisions, but in reality this is usually a combination of some artificial and some human intelligence.
At the end of the day, the critical ingredient for both computers and humans is context. Without it, there is too much data, and too much irrelevant data, to make accurate and rapid decision making possible.


Simple, open and automated. This is how a security systems should look like.

Szilárd Csordás,
Security Consulting Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems Magyarország Kft.

Complexity is the enemy of security. Trends, such as mobility, the growing popularity of cloud based services and IOT devices being connected to networks confront security specialists with serious challenges.
At this talk I will demonstrate what does the integration mean from a practical perspective, as this is the key to automatize processes.


It’s Time To Change the Way We Think About Cyber Security

Ondřej Šťáhlavský,
Regional Director, CEE, Fortinet
It’s harder than ever to secure the enterprise network, confirmed by the continuing string of high profile data breaches. While being attacked and possibly breached is not going to change, what can change is how we perceive cyber security and how to defend your organization’s network. This session will focus on some of the key contributors to successful data breaches and what an enterprise can do to break the cycle of attack, breach and spend.

Coffee Break, Facilitated Meetings


Future Proof Secrity Design – How Check Point can help with GDPR

Zsolt Vilhelm,
Security Engineer, Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

From May 2018 every organization which handles personal data within the EU has to be compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation. This directive will implement major changes on how organizations deal with personal data nowadays.
Although this is indeed a major change, the process does not necessarily have to be a burden as it will create an opportunity for every organization to implement a proper way to protect data. I will give an insight on how Check Point solutions can help to achieve GDPR compliance and ultimately protect data.


The Enterprise Immune System: Using Machine Learning for Next-Generation Cyber Defense

Mateusz Flak,
Cyber Security Regional Manager, Darktrace
  • How new machine learning and mathematics are automating advanced cyber defense
  • Why 100% network visibility allows you to detect threats as they happen, or before they happen
  • How smart prioritization and visualization of threats allows for better resource allocation and lower risk
  • Real-world examples of unknown threats detected by ‘immune system’ technology

How a small USB drive can cause a lot of trouble and how Kingston can help you?

Adrien Viaud,
Senior Field Application Engineer, Kingston Technology Europe Ltd
Employees carrying data out of the office on a USB drive increase the risk of these data being compromised, leaving a company open to hefty fines, recovery costs and a potential PR disaster. This presentation shows how to minimise the risks of moving data on USB drives by using hardware-based encryption and to comply with the requirements of the new EU-GDPR.

Why RASP Security Is Critical For Your Mobile Strategy

Gustaf Sahlman,
CEO, Promon AS

In an age where hackers remain a serious force to be reckoned with and where we can’t possibly control every user’s behaviour, embracing RASP security (Runtime Application Self-Protection) is a hugely effective way for app providers to get ahead.


Moderated Panel Discussion with Speakers


Buffet Lunch


Security Arenas: Paralell Session with Case Studies and Interactive Discussions

User Behavior and Control

User Behavior and Control

Security awareness reloaded: how to engage the employees?
Case Study I.

Miklós Gerencsér,
Information Security Officer, CISA, CISM, Magyar Export-Import Bank Zrt.

The classroom courses are long ago replaced by e-Learning education through presentations. However, a slideshow about safety rules is quite boring. If an exam is mandatory the employees will put only the minimum of effort. They want to know it all down. This presentation explains how can we deploy state of the art interactive technology to achieve the goal: a change in user attitudes - all at low cost, customized way. Live examples, practical experience, case study.

Case Study II.

György Nemes,
Chief Information Security and Quality Assurance Officer, MVMI Informatika Zrt.

Interactive Panel Discussion

József Makay,

Endpoint Defence and Cyber Security

Endpoint Defence and Cyber Security

The Perimeter Defense Is Dead - But Who Killed It?
Expert Presentation

Dr. Boldizsár Bencsáth,
Assistant Professor, Laboratory of Cryptography and System Security

MOL Cyber Defence Centre - The Journey Toward Advanced Security Operations
Case Study

Delivering effective cyber defence has moved well beyond the use of SIEM, we have to take the journey toward Advanced Cyber Defence and that is an ever evolving challenge. Find out how MOL, an Multinational oil company has faced this challenge and key lessons learned.

Gábor L. Varjas,
Group Chief Information Security Officer, MOL Group
Gábor Szabó,
Head of Cyber Defence, MOL

Interactive Panel Discussion

György Sallai,
Director, KPMG Advisory Ltd.

Data Leakage Protection

Data Leakage Protection

Technical Aspects of EU’s General Data Protection Regulation

István Ragó,
Chief Security Officer Head of Security, Management Directorate, Erste Bank Hungary Zrt.

EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be used in Hungary from 25. May 2018. The presentation will focus on pragmatical and technological issues regarding implentation of GDPR with special focus on financial institutions.

The National Toll Payment Service Plc. and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the Light of Information Security
Case Study II.

Miklós Bauer,
Head of IT Security Department, CISM, Nemzeti Útdíjfizetési Szolgáltató Zrt.
The presentation will elaborate on IT systems characteristics, the most frequent points of data collection and storage at National Toll Payment Services Plc. The main focus of the presentation will be on tasks related to the application of general data protection regulation (GDPR) made by the European Parliament and the Council. In addition to the presentation the current problems, external expectations, challenges related to compliance going to be presented. The performance will named GDPR from the information security view.

Interactive Paneldiscussion

Csaba Kollár,
Lecturer, National University of Public Service, Doctoral School of Military Engineering

Closing Remarks, End of The Conference


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