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IDC Security Roadshow 2017

Information Security in the Multi-Platform Era

March 15, Radisson Slavyanskaya, Moscow

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IDC Security Roadshow in Moscow

The modern challenge for information security is the duality of its tasks: How to improve security posture and resource efficiency at the same time? Should legacy systems be protected at the cost of new security technology adoption? What are the boundaries of security responsibility between the company and its service provider? What is the impact of legislation and regulations on the organization’s security? Such management-level challenges are reflected in technological challenges: protection of an ever-increasing number of mobile devices, data leak protection in the age of cloud, and security of big data, to name a few. The IDC Security Roadshow 2017 will discuss these and many other of today's and tomorrow's security challenges.

Key Themes of IDC Security Roadshow 2017

A Multi-Faceted Approach to Information Security

Endpoint Defence

Threat Intelligence and Malware Defence in the 3rd Platform Era. Moving Beyond Signature-Based Protection to Incorporate Next-Generation Security Solutions Into the Evolving Architecture.

Identity As Perimeter

Identity Is Already the New Perimeter – Is Your Organization Dealing With It? The Rise of Biometrics and the Demise of BYOD; Multi-Factor Authentication as a Bare Minimum and a Mobile Workforce Enabler.

Data-Centric Security

Protecting Data is a Management and Security Journey that takes in Access Controls and Privileged User Management, Encryption and Obfuscation, Policy and Compliance, and the Company’s Security Culture.

By addressing the dimensions above, you can significantly improve the security of your rganization while transitioning processes to 3rd Platform architectures. Mobility and cloud do not have to be security problem multipliers. Data and analytics can uncover pportunity. Employees can be productive and secure, not a headache.

Drill-Down Subjects

  • Threat intelligence and protection from malware in the 3rd platform era
  • Improving classic signature security mechanisms with next-gen technologies to protect evolving architecture
  • Multifactor authentication as the required minimum
  • New challenges in security management and fundamental IoT devices security problems
  • Specialized threat analysis and prevention products as a new security market driver
  • New security challenges in corporate finances and intellectual property
  • Anti-DDoS and critical IT infrastructure continuity


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Gold Partner(s)


Fortinet (NASDAQ: FTNT) secures the largest enterprise, service provider, and government organizations around the world. Fortinet empowers its customers with intelligent, seamless protection across the expanding attack surface and the power to take on ever-increasing performance requirements of the borderless network - today and into the future. Only the Fortinet Security Fabric architecture can deliver security without compromise to address the most critical security challenges, whether in networked, application, cloud or mobile environments. Fortinet ranks #1 in the most security appliances shipped worldwide and more than 300,000 customers trust Fortinet to protect their businesses. Learn more at, the Fortinet Blog, or FortiGuard Labs.

Solar Security

Solar Security создает продукты и сервисы, предназначенные для целевого мониторинга и управления информационной безопасностью.

В основе наших технологий лежит понимание того, что в условиях современного ИТ-ландшафта обеспечение настоящей безопасности возможно только через непрерывный и активный мониторинг, а также грамотное управление системами ИБ.

Глубокая экспертиза по реальным угрозам, многолетний опыт профессионалов из служб информационной и корпоративной безопасности, а также практика реализации более чем 2 000 проектов являются залогом эффективности и востребованности наших решений.

Solar Security– это опыт разработки продуктов и сервисов, насчитывающий более двадцати лет. За это время мы стали пионерами в разработке новых классов продуктов. Мы выпустили первую российскую DLP-систему – Solar Dozor, первый российский продукт класса Security Intelligence – Solar inView, первый в мире сканер кода, работающий без исходных кодов, – Solar inCode и создали первый коммерческий ситуационный центр информационной безопасности компании – Solar JSOC.

Решения Solar Security обеспечивают безопасность более чем 30% компаний из ТОП 100 российского бизнеса.


HOB GmbH & Co. KG

HOB GmbH & Co. KG is a German medium-sized company, developing innovative and multiply rewarded software solutions that are marketed worldwide.

The core competencies of the successful company HOB, founded in 1964, comprise server-based computing, secure remote access, VoIP and virtualization. HOB products are deployed in small, mid-sized and large enterprises. Further, some HOB products are certified according to Common Criteria EAL 4+ by the German Federal Office for Information Security. HOB remote access solutions received the quality mark from TeleTrust “IT Security Made in Germany.”



Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.

Check Point Software Technologies, the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, provides customers with uncompromised protection against all types of threats, reduces security complexity and lowers total cost of ownership. Check Point first pioneered the industry with FireWall-1 and its patented stateful inspection technology. Today, Check Point continues to develop new innovations based on the Software Blade Architecture, providing customers with flexible and simple solutions that can be fully customized to meet the exact security needs of any organization. Check Point is the only vendor to go beyond technology and define security as a business process. 

Silver Partner(s)

Qrator Labs

Qrator Labs -- stop DDoS before it stops you!

Qrator Labs' reputation allows us to consider ourselves the default solution for DDoS mitigation in Russia, where we support more monthly subscriptions than any of our competitors. The increasing demand for cloud-based DDoS mitigation has made us delpoy our filtering nodes in the United States, Western Europe, and Asia, with a satellite office in Washington, D.C. and datacenters in Virginia, California, Oslo, Amsterdam and Moscow.

Our customer list includes VTB-24, online cinema, Tinkoff Bank, Qiwi billing system, Vedomosti Publishing, IIA Russia Today, AnywayAnyDay, Biblio-Globus and many others.



Qualys, Inc. (NASDAQ: QLYS) is a pioneer and leading provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions with over 8,800 customers in more than 100 countries, including a majority of each of the Forbes Global 100 and Fortune 100. The Qualys Cloud Platform and integrated suite of solutions help organizations simplify security operations and lower the cost of compliance by delivering critical security intelligence on demand and automating the full spectrum of auditing, compliance and protection for IT systems and web applications. Founded in 1999, Qualys has established strategic partnerships with leading managed service providers and consulting organizations including Accenture, BT, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Dell SecureWorks, Fujitsu, HCL Comnet, Infosys, NTT, Optiv, Tata Communications, Verizon and Wipro. The company is also a founding member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA). For more information, please visit

illusive networks

illusive networks is pioneering deception-based cybersecurity.

With its patent-pending Deceptions Everywhere® technology that neutralizes targeted attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) by creating a deceptive layer across the entire network. By providing an endless source of false information, illusive networks agentlessly disrupts and detects attacks with real-time forensics and without disruption to business.

illusive networks solutions are already successfully deployed in Russia.

For more information, please visit


In partnership with cosponsor:

Tiger Optics

Tiger Optics is a specialty cyber-security distributor founded in 2010 and operating in Russian-speaking Eastern Europe.
The company is focused on bringing innovative cyber-security solutions such as Palo Alto Networks and VMware AirWatch to its channel partners throughout Russia and CIS countries, operating a value-added model with high end-user touch.
For more information, please, visit


Trend Micro

As a global leader in cloud security, Trend Micro develops Internet content security and threat management solutions that make the world safe for businesses and consumers to exchange digital information. With more than 20 years of experience, we’re recognized as the market leader in server security for delivering top-ranked client, server, and cloud-based security solutions that stop threats faster and protect data in physical, virtualized, and cloud environments.

Exhibit Partner(s)

MFI Soft

MFI Soft is the developer of a multitude of hardware-software solutions for safeguarding information resources of organizations against external and internal security threats. Core competencies MFI Soft - is the Data Loss Prevention system, protection from DDoS attacks, Internet traffic filtering and detecting fraud. MFI Soft has 20+ year experience in telecom software development, 1500+ deployments, 300+ highly qualified IT-specialists. Quality control throughout all phases of business — product development, deployment and after-sale support has always been one of the most important commitments of MFI Soft.

DEAC Latvia

DEAC – a full service data center operator, which provides complete range of data center and IT outsourcing services. Established in 1999, we are among the largest data center operators in Northern Europe. The service range at DEAC data centers meets both the needs of very small businesses, and specific and complicated requests of large global companies. DEAC owns two data centers in Riga and has several points of presence in Kiev, London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Moscow.



Balabit, a One Identity business, is a leading provider of Privileged Access Management (PAM) and Log Management solutions. Founded in 2000, Balabit has a proven track record of helping businesses reduce the risk of data breaches associated with privileged accounts. With offices in the United States and Europe, and a global client list that includes 25 Fortune 100 companies, Balabit and its network of reseller partners serves more than 1,000,000 corporate users worldwide.

New security technologies

ООО "Новые технологии безопасности" (НТБ) — динамично развивающаяся компания, специализирующаяся на разработке программных и программно-аппаратных решений для обеспечения информационной безопасности.

За счет полноценного использования инновационных технологий, специалисты компании создают самые передовые российские продукты, повышающие эффективность бизнеса при минимальных затратах на их обеспечение.

Помимо разработки и продвижения средств защиты информации, компания обеспечивает их поддержку и обслуживание, ведет научно-исследовательскую и консалтинговую деятельность.

Ключевой разработкой НТБ является линейка решений по ИБ SafeShell, включающая на сегодняшний день:

- Систему контроля привилегированных пользователей SafeInspect

- Систему управления доступом к приложениям и выполняемым функциям на серверах SafeServer



Kron (BIAS– Kront) targets and solves for major pain points of telecom service providers and enterprises are faced with, enabling them to better serve their customers. With Kron’s proven and robust network security, automation and intelligence products, our customers create strategic, competitive advantages by offering greater security and uptime, without compromising efficiency of operations.

Lunch Partner(s)


Основанная в 1996 году российская компания Смарт Лайн Инк (SmartLine Inc) является международным лидером разработки программных средств контроля доступа к периферийным устройствам и защиты от утечек данных с корпоративных компьютеров.

Наши продукты помогают службам информационной безопасности организаций и системным интеграторам создавать эффективные DLP-решения для платформы Microsoft Windows. Программный комплекс DeviceLock® разработки Смарт Лайн Инк применяется для защиты данных как в информационных системах масштаба предприятия, так и на отдельных рабочих станциях.

Штаб-квартира и основной офис разработки программных продуктов Смарт Лайн Инк находятся в Москве, а заграничные офисы продаж и технической поддержки - в США, Великобритании, Германии и Италии.


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